Truck driving is a challenging career that can come with some impressive benefits. If you want to recruit and retain the best drivers, you must know what those drivers want — including the benefits they care about most.

Here are truck driver benefits that make the job more enjoyable and keep drivers around longer.

Competitive Salary

Drivers want to know they can rely on steady, fair pay. Many have families to support, and they sacrifice a lot of time away from loved ones to do their jobs. Offering a competitive salary will show drivers you see them as whole people who need to make a good living in exchange for hard work.

Salary Bonuses and Incentives

Some companies offer bonuses to drivers who take on less desirable routes, meet specific mile goals, or maintain safety records. These show appreciation for a job well done.

Affordable Insurance and Retirement Plans

We all know insurance isn’t cheap. Great insurance (medical, vision, dental) and retirement benefits will entice drivers on the fence about which company to choose. It’s also become pretty standard for new truck drivers to receive insurance benefits from day one.

Generous Paid Time Off

Physical and mental health is essential for truck drivers who operate enormous vehicles for long hours. Companies can help improve work-life balance by providing liberal paid vacation and sick days.

Sign-On and Referral Bonuses

Due to the truck driver shortage, many companies offer generous sign-on bonuses — a.k.a quick pay drivers can enjoy immediately. Referral programs also help reward drivers for bringing in new talent.

However, keep in mind that sign-on bonuses are not everything. The benefits for trucking you offer after hire are what matter long-term.

Flexible Routes and Schedules

Truck drivers want to have more control over their schedules. Most truckers are not working the typical nine to five (and that’s a perk for many), but it’s also easy to become run down and overworked.

Allow drivers more control over their workdays and times, and you’ll experience more satisfied employees.

Tuition and Education Truck Driver Benefits

Drivers also appreciate companies that pay for full or partial driving school costs to get their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Drivers can start working as soon as possible without worrying about training costs.

Another very appealing benefit is companies that provide college tuition scholarships or reimbursement.

Pet and Passenger Perks

Life on the road can get lonely quickly. And while many drivers appreciate that their job takes them all over the country, travel is better when you can share it.

Thankfully, CDL drivers can have passengers if they get written authorization from their motor carrier. You can highlight your passenger policies for drivers who want to bring a spouse or other loved one on the road. A pet policy will also allow drivers to enjoy company from their furry friends along the way.

Feeling Like Part of a Community

Besides salaries and health insurance, truck drivers want to feel like a part of the family.

Truck driving can be a grueling, isolating job where you feel like just a number. But employers that see drivers as individuals, considering their personal needs on the job, will make the best impression and keep drivers around. That includes offering excellent benefits and perks, enjoying more time with their families, and not feeling like they have bosses looking over their shoulders.

Bonus Options: Updated Truck Equipment, Travel Perks, and More

Beyond what we mentioned above, get creative with fun and unique perk ideas for drivers. For example, you can update in-cab accessories to help drivers’ vehicles feel more like home. Or perhaps your company can offer vacation lodging for employees at resorts where they can enjoy their PTO.

Truck Drivers Want Benefits That Address On- and Off-Road Needs

Overall, truckers want what most everyone wants: respect, appreciation, fair pay, and a healthy work-life balance. Carriers that want to reduce turnover and boost retention must consider what benefits will reach drivers on a human level, reminding drivers of the value of their contribution.

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