Truck drivers are responsible for safely transporting and delivering various cargo, such as food, construction materials, farming supplies, and other commodities. It’s an essential career that keeps our world moving. But it’s not for everyone, so trucking companies must know how to reach the right people with their job postings.

In a sea of job boards, employers must know how to write a truck driver job description that stands out from the rest. Check out this trucker job description template if you’re unsure where to start.

Truck Driver Job Description Template

This template outlines which areas to include, such as responsibilities, benefits, and perks, to structure an effective job posting. Use this as your cheat sheet, changing details to fit your company.

Job Title: Don’t Overthink It

You don’t need to get too creative with the position title:

  • Be clear and to the point with the job name, such as “CDL Class A Truck Driver” or “Owner-Operator Truck Driver.”
  • If a specific benefit or perk makes your position stand out, you might include it with the title. For example, “CDL Truck Driver – Average $X per week” or “$X sign-on bonus.”
  • Including the city also helps, such as “Truck Driver in City, State.”

Introductory Summary

At the start of the job posting, include two to three paragraphs summarizing the job, describing your company, and discussing why your position is enticing.

Truck Driver Pay, Benefits, and Perks

Competition is fierce for truck driver jobs, so it’s wise to mention pay and benefits early in the job description. Plus, candidates tend to scan instead of reading the entire description. Make it easy for them to find what they care about most.

Some companies will mention benefits in the introductory paragraphs, or you can put them in a bulleted list for easy scanning.

Pay and benefit details to list include:

  • Average yearly pay
  • Weekly pay — listing guaranteed weekly averages
  • Paid orientation
  • Flexible scheduling, locals routes (ability to go home every day), good work-life balance
  • Health benefits, 401K, PTO, holidays, bonuses, other employee-specific perks
  • New or specialized equipment

Truck Driver Responsibilities and Qualifications

In this section, cover what skills you expect the driver to have and their requirements for work.

Responsibilities and qualifications you might list include:

  • Relevant driving knowledge
  • Ability to lift, bend, and carry objects up to X pounds
  • Ability to pass random drug tests
  • Can ensure safe and on-time deliveries
  • Dependable worker with good verbal and listening skills

Truck Driver Requirements

Next, list what background and requirements you expect from a candidate for this job.

Requirements you might list include:

  • Minimum years of verifiable driving experience
  • Minimum age to drive
  • License requirements (such as valid CDL-A), including required and preferred endorsements
  • Driving history requirements, such as a good motor vehicle record (MVR) or minimum years without violations
  • Education requirements, such as a high school diploma or the equivalent
  • Equipment requirements, such as if they must own their vehicle

Closing and Further Instructions

Have a few sentences wrapping things up at the end of your truck driver job description. You could cover what to expect with the interview process, how to apply, and the expected timeline.

Bring In More Direct Leads

Job postings are just one part of the process. You need drivers looking for your opportunity and coming to you directly. And that’s our specialty at AMG Driver Recruitment! Contact us today or learn more here to upgrade your recruitment strategies.

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