Social media is a regular part of life for most people now, and truck drivers are no exception. Drivers use social media to connect with friends and loved ones, stay up-to-date with current events, and de-stress between shifts and on breaks.

But most companies don’t realize how much they can use social media to recruit more quality drivers for their teams. As an employer, you can make real connections with drivers and get them excited about your opportunities.

This article will cover some of the best ways to use social media to your advantage when recruiting drivers.

What Social Media Sites Do Truck Drivers Use?

First, it’s important to know where drivers spend most of their time online. Then, you can focus most of your efforts on the those sites

According to a survey by Trucker News, 63% of surveyed drivers said they use Facebook, making it the leading social media site of choice for truckers. In addition, 54% said they use YouTube. The percentage of drivers on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest ranged from 11 to 15%.

How to Recruit Truckers Through Social Media

And now, here are the best ways to recruit more drivers through their favorite social media sites.

1. Make Sure Your Social Branding and Presence Are Strong

Drivers will research your company before deciding if they want to apply for a job. Besides checking your reviews on sites like Glassdoor, drivers will also check out your social media pages. If those pages are like a ghost town, they won’t make the best impression.

Work on creating a positive brand image and active social media presence. Make sure your company has its own social profile with a good brand profile and header image, a filled-out About page, and recent quality posts. Take a look at your profiles now — if you were a driver looking for a new gig, would you accept a job offer from yourself?

2. Focus on Creating Awesome Content on Your Strongest Platforms

You might notice you have a higher engagement count on some platforms over others. Nurture the sites that bring you the most engagement and followers.

Play to the strengths of each site. For example, Instagram is all about visuals. LinkedIn in a more professional vibe. And Facebook is ideal for longer posts with a combination of different mediums. All sites have also become more focused on TikTok-style content. Keep all of this in mind when deciding what to post.

Most of all, you want to create content relatable to drivers and share a positive image of your brand. Share stories about current employers, post company wins, talk about your mission, and interview star drivers about their experiences working with you.

Posts with questions or polls can also encourage engagement from drivers. And once a driver interacts with one of your posts, they’re more likely to see you on their feed.

3. Create Strong Paid Ads

A strong marketing strategy includes both organic and paid methods. Thankfully, most social media sites make it easy to create paid ads. Make professional quality, visually-pleasing ads to share your company opportunities and target active and passive candidates.

4. Build Positive Interactions with Drivers

Social media was built on the idea of connection — which should be your goal. Interact with drivers, respond to comments on your posts, and stay active so that you regularly show up on drivers’ feeds.

You’ll set yourself apart by being engaging, approachable, and friendly with drivers. Whether they’re looking for a new job right now or not, they’re more likely to think of you first when they do.

5. Get Your Website Design on Point

Ultimately, your social media strategy should drive leads to your website. So, make sure you have an impressive site to send them to. Post your job openings on your own website with an easy way for drivers to apply, and have a strong About page where drivers can learn more about you.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of social media for recruiting drivers. You’ll create meaningful relationships that boost your recruitment strategy and help you build a constant pipeline of qualified driver candidates. To learn more about recruiting drivers effectively, contact AMG Driver Recruitment today.