Email is a unique recruitment strategy. Unlike other forms of marketing where you’re never sure who will see your content, emails put you directly into your target customers’ inboxes.

And when it comes to truck driver recruiting, you can put your company first in drivers’ minds — especially when they decide to look for a new job.

Are you getting the most out of your email list? If not, it’s time to start. Email marketing can be amazing for CDL driver recruitment. Here are some tips for stepping up your email strategies and creating content that your list will actually want to read.

Develop Strategies for Building Your List

You can’t drive leads through email without an email list. So, you’ll want to focus on actions that help add more people to your list, like:

  • Holding a webinar
  • Providing a free opt-in like an eBook or PDF that’s relevant to drivers
  • Asking for drivers’ emails to add them to a Facebook group
  • Including a signup form on your website
  • Inviting drivers to sign up for job updates

Your strategies should be relevant to what drivers care about. That way, they join your list excited to hear more from you.

Build a Relationship with Your List

You’ve probably heard the stat that it takes eight touch points with a customer before making a sale. Although driver recruitment is not the same as selling to a customer, there are similarities.

You’ll need to develop a relationship with your email list to build their trust. Your subscribers are also more likely to open your emails and remember your company if you share good content, as we’ll cover next.

Share Useful, Informative, and Engaging Content

Email marketing opens up many opportunities for engaging with your audience. Here are some content ideas to send to your CDL driver list:

  • Share blogs that answer common questions asked by those in the trucking industry or prospective drivers. You can use different formats, including blogs, Q&A formats, and videos.
  • Talk to an industry expert who can discuss a topic drivers care about. They might comment on the latest trucking news, provide tips for drivers, or talk about the newest equipment upgrades.
  • Highlight star drivers in your company. Your email list can learn about current employees, get a glimpse of what it’s like to work for you, and envision themselves joining your fleet.

These are just a few examples. Try to put yourself in your target drivers’ shoes, considering what they’d find interesting after joining your list.

Use Segmentation for Different Driver Groups

Most email list providers allow you to segment email addresses into groups, depending on details like how someone joined your list, the driver’s employment status, or their preferences. This way, you can send different content that stays relevant to each group.

Be Strategic (and Creative) with Your Subject Lines

The subject lines you use for emails greatly impact your open rates. For example, HubSpot reports that emails personalized with the subscriber’s name in the subject line have higher click-through rates than emails without a name.

It’s also best to use subject lines with fewer than 50 characters, play around with different send times to see which have the highest open rates, and use action verbs. Think about what will get someone to open the email to learn more.

Another important tip: Don’t click-bait or lie. Make sure the email contents match what the subject line promises.

A/B Test Your Emails

The only way to know what email content works best for your list is by testing it. A/B testing allows you to try out two subject lines with different segments and see which performs better. You’ll learn more about your list and gain tips for creating better future emails.

Email marketing is just one of many truck driver recruitment strategies. At AMG Driver Recruitment, we know the industry front-to-back and how to drive leads that maximize recruitment and retention. Contact us today to improve your driver recruitment process.

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