Do you know what makes a good recruiter? It’s about more than just viewing resumes and setting up interviews. Successful recruiters know how to seek out the best candidates and ensure everyone knows what to expect during the hiring process.

Of course, every recruitment strategy will differ depending on the industry and candidates. But there are some characteristics of effective recruitment that every company should practice.

Although we’re in the business of recruiting truck drivers, these traits matter in every industry when looking for the best employees.

What Makes a Good Recruiter: The Top 5 Traits

When it comes to recruitment best practices, what matters? It often comes down to these best recruiter qualities.

1. Honesty and Empathy: Viewing Candidates as People

Behind every resume is a human looking for a better opportunity. That might seem obvious, but job seekers tend to be wary of recruiting agencies for a reason. Unethical practices from a few bad agencies have highlighted the need for compassionate recruiters.

Successful recruiting means treating each candidate with respect and being honest about the process. It means putting yourself in each job seeker’s place while also being mindful of hiring managers’ needs.

For example, trucking companies have the best track records when they are upfront and honest about job role pros and cons. Hiring managers should get clear on their ideal candidate and what that candidate cares about most, and their recruiting strategies should reflect both.

2. Top-Dollar Listening Skills

Listening is the name of the game.

Good recruiters get an A+ in active listening skills, meaning they strive to understand what both the company and candidates are looking for. They know how to ask the right questions and listen more than they talk.

3. Solid Relationship-Builder

Some companies only connect with candidates after they’ve responded to a job posting, but that’s ineffective. You’re waiting too long to take action and often missing out on the best candidates.

Successful recruiting is multi-channel and all about thinking ahead:

  • Engaging passive candidates
  • Staying active on social media
  • Targeting potential hires with advertising
  • Keeping in touch with past candidates

In the trucking world, companies are constantly seeking quality drivers to meet the growing demand. A smart recruitment strategy will focus on getting in front of potential recruits, even if they aren’t actively looking for a job yet.

So, a great recruiter will concentrate on building relationships that lead to more direct hires and ideal candidates over time.

4. Deep Understanding of What a “Good Fit” Looks Like

The best recruiters know to look below the surface. Finding the right fit for a company is about more than a shiny resume or perfect interview skills.

Good recruiters know to ask the most important questions about each candidate:

  • Will they fit in with (and add to) the company culture?
  • Do they have all of the job requirements, skills, and experience?
  • Are they aware of (and truly okay with) the less-desirable parts of the job?

There are well-known challenges of driving trucks for a living: long hours, strict deadlines, and lonely miles away from loved ones. A successful recruiter will be honest about the pros and cons of the job while understanding what benefits the candidate expects.

Being upfront from the start helps avoid surprises after the person is hired, which also helps reduce turnover. And that’s what makes a good recruiter.

5. Sharp Attention to Detail: What’s Working, What Needs to Change

The above points make a good recruiter—what successful recruiters are doing right for their companies. However, solid recruitment skills only go so far without a strategy.

Companies who do recruiting right know how to get in front of the right candidates and increase the number of direct leads. They use tools and metrics to see what’s working (and what’s not) so that they can maximize their ROI.

Companies need a solid strategy for attracting, recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best employees. See an example here of how AMG Driver Recruitment creates that strategy for carriers.

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