Recruiting new employees is not the same as it used to be. Today, you need a smart digital strategy to attract, hire, and keep the best truck drivers for your fleet. You must know how to advertise to truck drivers in the most effective ways.

First, you need to understand where truckers are spending their time online. Where are they looking when they’re thinking about switching companies — and even when they’re not? An intelligent strategy targets truck drivers before they’re even ready to start looking.

You need to get on their radar so that they’re thinking about you when they decide it’s time to move to better pastures.

So, with that in mind, let’s explore the main places you’ll get in front of truck drivers online.

Social Media Sites

Social media is a happy place for truckers, and it makes sense — they’re away from loved ones for long periods on the road, and social media is a great way to keep in touch. Facebook is a favorite with truck drivers, followed closely by Instagram.

Driver Job Boards

Drivers who are actively or passively looking at new jobs will go to job boards. Some will seek out driver-specific boards for targeted search results in their area. While job boards are bloated and very competitive — and they shouldn’t be your only method for advertising to truck drivers — these boards are a helpful tool for any company.

Driver-Friendly Websites

Truckers will also spend time on websites that provide:

  • Recent trucker news
  • Blog posts that pertain to them
  • Social media pages with humorous or relatable content

But it’s not enough to just show up in these areas. Advertising to truck drivers requires a knowledge of the industry and what drivers care about.

Here are some of our top approaches for how to advertise to truck drivers in the craftiest ways.

Facebook Ads

2.7 billion people use Facebook every month, making it one of the best platforms for engaging your audience and advertising trucking positions.

Picture this: A driver who is perfect for your company is scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, thinking about how they’d like a job with better work-life flexibility. And, suddenly, they see your ad highlighting your competitive time off — bam! They’re ready to learn more and fill out an application.

Just remember that ads alone are not enough on Facebook. You should be posting content throughout the week that engages drivers and helps them get to know your brand, not to mention keeping up on the latest ad changes. See the latest tricks for recruiting on Facebook here.

Geofencing Marketing for Truck Drivers

Geofencing is one of the most brilliant advertising strategies to use when targeting truck drivers. Here’s how it works:

  • You set up a virtual border known as a “geofence” around a specific area, such as a truck stop that is (obviously) a massive driver hub.
  • Anyone who is within that geofence sees your targeted ads while they’re on their phones.
  • You can then follow the driver for 30 to 60 days after they leave the virtual fence.

Large truck stops are some of the best places because you’ll know you’re mostly spending ads on truck drivers. Other good sites include driver schools, competitors’ truck lots, and driver convention locations.

Text or Email Campaigns

When advertising to truck drivers, your goal should be to attract and convert drivers who are most qualified to work for you. Having a quality landing page on your website that drivers find through job postings, ads, or SEO optimization encourages the driver to apply directly with you.

You can also get a driver’s email or phone number and communicate with them through email or text campaigns. You can share your company’s voice and stay in touch — keeping you in the front of each driver’s mind.

Online Ads

Online advertising can put your company in areas where truckers spend their time online. They might see your ad after searching certain keywords or viewing specific websites. Ideally, the ad would send the driver to your website to fill out an application.

At AMG Driver Recruitment, we can help your company with all of the above. We know how to advertise to truck drivers because we’re part of the culture. Our technology and tactics are best-in-class — we’ll help you reach drivers in a way that maximizes conversions.

To learn more, contact us today!

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