When it comes to recruitment in the trucking industry, drivers wear the pants. Truckers know they can weigh many offers at once, and most will go with the company that has the best pay and benefits. They’ll also make their decisions quickly, and that can mean jumping from one employer to the next.

With the high turnover of this industry, employers should keep one strategy in mind at all times: passive recruiting. That means getting your company in front of driver’s eyes before they’re actively looking.

Reasons You Should Passively Recruit Truckers

If you’re only looking at drivers who are trying to get hired now, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity. These drivers are easier to recruit, but they’re actually a small portion of the job market. You should also spend time wooing drivers who aren’t looking for a new position (yet).

Driver churn takes a huge toll if you’re not planning for the future. Passive recruiting is your secret sauce to save money, keep positions filled, and seek out the best people for your jobs.

A 2019 survey showed the biggest challenges that driver recruiters have. The issues included:

  • Not receiving enough applications
  • Too many unqualified candidates
  • Indirect candidate information, such as from an Indeed algorithm instead of an actual application

Smart recruiting methods will address each of these problems. Since the trucking industry is so competitive, many of the most desirable truckers are already working for someone else. But that can change fast. And with good passive recruiting strategies, you’ll be first in line to catch drivers’ attention.

Bottom line: If you want to get the best drivers on your team, you need to attract them before they’re ready to jump ships.

Most companies hire drivers from cold, third-party leads like job boards. These drivers might not have even applied to work with you. That’s not a situation where you can count on commitment.

Instead, you need a long-term recruiting plan. Quality drivers will end up seeking you out. You’ll retain them longer and attract truckers who are the best fit.

Attract Drivers Before They’re Looking for You

Passive recruiting is an art. Most employers aren’t used to thinking about hiring until something opens up. But at AMG Driver Recruitment, we know the value of thinking ahead. We also know how to speak truck drivers’ language and manage the driver hiring cycle.

Our driver recruiting strategy includes:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Showing drivers how you stand out from other companies
  • Direct leads through targeted advertising that brings drivers straight to you
  • Supplementing with multi-carrier leads
  • Executive summaries and real-time monitoring

We know that every company is different. That’s why we tailor our strategies to your needs. But for every client, the result is the same: bringing in more of the driver candidates you want and need.

We’re here to help with your trucker recruiting methods. Contact us today and let’s talk about the best plan for you.

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