Recruiting methods have changed — and they’re not stopping anytime soon. COVID-19 changed the workforce in many ways, and now that people are getting back to work, their expectations have shifted. Trucking companies should pay attention to what potential recruits care about most and where they’re spending time online. One of the places you can find truckers (and those looking into becoming drivers) the most is Facebook.

Facebook is a powerful modern recruiting tool, and many companies fail to realize its untapped potential. But it’s also really easy to use Facebook the wrong way for recruiting.

Don’t get left behind. Check out the latest tactics below for how to recruit truck drivers on Facebook today.

Why Recruit Drivers on Facebook?

You might wonder if looking for drivers on Facebook is worth the effort. Is anyone even on Facebook anymore?

Actually, the answer is a huge “yes.” Many people looking (or who will be looking) for trucker jobs spend a lot of their time on Facebook. And 79% of job seekers are searching for new jobs on Facebook.

And that’s not all. Through Facebook, you bring in more quality, direct leads versus other forms of advertising and recruiting. The key to hiring the drivers you want over time is getting those drivers to come to you. Otherwise, you’ll end up fighting your competition over high volumes of applications, many of which aren’t even a good fit.

By branding yourself and using smart recruiting on Facebook, you’ll set yourself apart and have drivers coming directly to you. That means better hiring and retention rates over the long haul.

Now, with that in mind, here are some tips.

Take Your Facebook Page Seriously

Have a page that matches your branding. When a prospect is scrolling through Facebook, you want them to recognize your posts through your page’s profile picture, wording, and brand colors.

Also, get in front of Facebook scrollers often. Post regularly with engaging content that shows what kind of company you are. Post pictures of your drivers in both work and off-work settings. Share funny posts that those in the trucking world will appreciate. Think of ways to tell your company’s story and help people picture what it’s like to work with you.

(And, just FYI: picture and video posts do much better than just text.)

Create and post quality content as often as you can. If you don’t have someone to keep tabs on the page (or don’t even know where to start), think about hiring a marketing company to handle it for you.

Participate in the Comments

In today’s world, social media is king over cold calls and emails. Drivers who are looking at new opportunities will head to Facebook first. If they have questions, they’ll leave comments on a fleet’s Facebook page.

Show drivers that you’re listening by staying in the comments. You’ll increase engagement and provide answers to hundreds, even thousands, of people at once.

Also, remember that the world has changed for people seeking jobs post-pandemic. According to an EY survey, over half of employees said they would think about quitting their position after the pandemic if the job didn’t offer time and location flexibility. These are facts to keep in mind when talking about what it’s like to work on your fleet.

Create Targeted Ads

Facebook lets you create different ads based on location, gender, age, and interests. You can also boost specific page posts and job postings you make.

Here are some tips for doing it right:

  • Decide on your campaign objective. For example, you might choose “Traffic” to focus on getting people to click your job link. Hover over each objective to learn what it means.
  • Create a list of details about the people you want to target, such as what they like, where they live, their age ranges, etc.
  • After publishing an ad, watch over the next 24 hours to see how it’s doing. You’ll want high link clicks, a high relevance score, and low cost per result. If you’re not happy with the results, re-think the content and who you’re targeting.
  • Remember to include a call to action (like directing people to fill out an application).

A lot of companies underestimate Facebook. Don’t be one of them. Stay ahead of the pack by using it to target both active and passive candidates.

For help with all of your recruiting needs, contact AMG Driver Recruitment today. We multi-carrier lead strategies and the most up-to-date processes to upgrade your driver recruitment plan.

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