Testimonials offer powerful ways to build trust in an audience, whether someone is selling a product or trying to recruit the best job candidates.

And when it comes to driver recruitment, truck driver testimonials can show candidates what they’re missing. If a driver is thinking about your company but still not sure, a testimonial can be the thing that gets them on board.

If you don’t yet use testimonials as part of your recruiting process (or you want to make them better), here’s what you should know.

What Are Employee Testimonials?

Employee testimonials are third-party feedback about what it’s like to work at your company. Current or former employees provide statements on things like:

  • Work culture and environment
  • Work-life balance
  • What the employee does/did
  • How a typical work day looks
  • How the job has positively impacted the employee
  • Positive things about pay and benefits

Any of these points can make a good testimonial to use in your truck driver recruiting efforts.

Why Use Driver Testimonials?

Job candidates know that you’re trying to portray your fleet as the best out there. So, even if you tell them you can offer them X, Y, or Z, they’ll take it less seriously than if they heard it from someone without a motive.

Enter: driver testimonials! You can show candidates what’s great about your team straight from current employees’ mouths.

And according to statistics from Big Commerce, 72 percent of consumers say positive testimonials make them trust a business more. Just think how that translates to job seekers searching for truck driving jobs.

How to Gather Employee Testimonials

Here are some ideas for getting more employee testimonials.

Ask Directly

The easiest way to get employee testimonials is by simply asking employees for them.

Employee surveys, year-end reviews, and exit interviews can be good opportunities to request feedback for testimonials. You can even use software that sets up reminders for new hires to complete a feedback form after working with you a specific amount of time.

If employees have positive things to say, ask if you have permission to share what they say on your website, social media platforms, or in marketing messages.

Scour the Internet and Messages

See if there are positive comments about your company on social media. If you find a good one, ask if you can share it. You can also monitor Glassdoor to gather anonymous positive feedback.

Watch for positive testimonials from employees in company email threads, at company events, and anywhere else people might share their experiences.

Gathering Video Testimonials

Video is everything in digital marketing, and that includes online recruiting. Getting videos from employees might seem daunting, but you can follow this format:

  • Help employees prepare: Give them an idea of what you’ll get talking about and the structure of the video. (But do not script it for them! You want the video to be honest.)
  • Have questions ready: Ask employees specific questions to help them give good responses.
  • Make it personal: Cover topics that are meaningful to the interviewee, such as how driving for your company allows them to be home on the weekends or how they finally feel like they belong in your fleet. Emotions are powerful for conveying messages about your workplace.
  • Short and sweet wins: Hit a few important questions, but don’t drag it out. Short yet meaningful testimonials are best.

You can even have employees record the videos themselves at home. Or have your team go to them. You can provide lighting, sound, and angle tips to make the video appealing.

Using Driver Testimonials for Recruiting and Marketing

Once you have employee testimonials, where do you put them?

You have many options, including:

  • On your website’s career page
  • On other website pages that receive heavy traffic
  • In email, social media, or ad marketing campaigns with a call-to-action
  • In job postings
  • In your social media posts

Employee testimonials can make all the difference in your truck driving recruitment efforts. To learn more about innovative recruiting methods, contact AMG Driver Recruitment today!

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