Trucking is already a competitive business. Add in the ongoing truck driver shortage, the rivalry between companies to snag new drivers is as aggressive as ever. If you want to recruit CDL drivers who do the best job and stick around, you need a plan for standing out from other companies.

Offering good incentives — better benefits and work/life balance — is one way to show that you’re different from other carriers. However, the highest companies on the food chain can offer perks that are hard to compete with. Your best bet is to focus on powerful marketing tools if you want to stand out.

Here are five tips for standing out from the rest and attracting the best driver candidates.

1. Get Your Branding On Point

You will stick out in peoples’ minds more if you have memorable branding. Is your trucking company name interesting enough to remember? What about your logo, branding design, the language you use, and the ads you post?

Ask yourself, “If I was a prospective driver, what would it take to attract me to my company?”

2. Show Up Online More (and Make It Modern)

Make sure you’re living in the real world — today’s real world.

Too many companies are not keeping up with the most recent technology and marketing processes. For example, is your website mobile-friendly? Truckers will be browsing on their phones more than a laptop or desktop. Plus, most people use mobile devices to web surf these days versus a desktop. An outdated website will lead many to click away instantly.

Also, are you keeping up with the social media changes and the most effective ad strategies? Facebook is one of the most common social media platforms for truckers and a fantastic place to recruit. Does your carrier have a presence there, and is it one that truckers will connect with?

Strive to be modern, user-friendly, and memorable in the ways you show up online.

3. Create a Relationship — Keep Them Coming Back

When truck driver candidates see frequent content from your company, you’ll stick in the back of their minds.

But that’s not all — you want to be engaging, too.

For example, you might create Facebook posts that encourage drivers to interact with you. They’ll be more likely to click through to your page, give it a “like,” and maybe even check out your website for employment opportunities.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram allow you to run ads and create organic engagement. SEO blog posts that connect with drivers and pay-per-click ads are other ways to get your company noticed and recognized.

When prospects are thinking about jumping ships (or starting a career in trucking), you’ll come to mind first.

4. Use Informational Videos and Testimonials

A company is only as strong as its employees. Show driver candidates what it’s like to work for you by featuring testimonials from real drivers like them. Create videos with behind-the-scene takes that show your company culture or a day in the life working for you.

5. Think Outside of the Box in How You Recruit

Don’t be afraid to try more than one core method for recruiting.

You do want to know your target audience so that you’re reaching the most qualified drivers. However, other populations like younger drivers or female drivers are on the rise. You might need to develop new strategies for reaching these people and standing out to them above your competition.

At AMG Driver, we help you reach more quality candidates in the most modern, best ways to recruit CDL drivers. That includes using a multi-channel recruiting model that targets active and passive candidates — those who aren’t yet looking for your opportunity (but will remember you when they are).

Learn more about us or contact us today for help with your driver recruitment strategies.

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