Attract the employees you want with continuous, consistent employment branding.


There are so many factors to consider when reviewing candidates. Are they qualified? Do they fit with company culture? Will they successfully improve performance or boost team morale? The process of locating the right candidate can be tedious, but there are tools in your back pocket that can make it much easier to find whom you’re seeking. By syncing your branding and recruiting efforts, you’ll be known in the community, not just to your customers but also to your potential new hires. Here are 3 easy ways to boost your recruitment marketing efforts:


1. Know Who You Are. When you open the first textbook in a Marketing 101 class, there is one important question to answer: Who are you?

What makes your brand unique?

Why should your current and potential customers care?

Why should your current and potential employees care?

Your company’s brand awareness efforts help you capture potential consumers, and they can also help you snag the best candidate in the field. But if potential employees don’t know your company story, they won’t know why they should work for you.

Job seekers in today’s market are looking for many different things: flexibility, professional development, stability, employee satisfaction and a company with a mission they can get behind. Collaborate with your marketing team on a clearly defined company mission and values that are reflected in daily operations. Assess your ideal pool of candidates, analyze their priorities, and then highlight the aspects of your company that will appeal most to them. Team up with your marketers to ensure that your branding efforts reflect and convey those values.

It’ll save you money, too: research conducted by the ADP Research Institute shows that strong employment brands cut the cost of hiring and reduce turnover by 28 percent. When candidates clearly understand the company they are considering, they make more informed choices about where to apply based on what they want, saving you time.


2. Put Yourself Out There. Take these strategies a step further by bringing your audience inside your company with a peek at company culture. Social media is a great way to showcase what you do for employees and the company’s personality. Potential posts for social media include:

  • Testimonials from current employees (these can be repurposed to use in hiring materials)
  • Spotlights on the perks your company offers, such as employee appreciation events, benefits, etc.
  • Celebrating accomplishments, new hires and promotions

Combining forces with marketing creates a clear picture of your company for current candidates and draws the attention of passive job seekers.

Launch branding campaigns that leverage display advertising in a variety of locations and include your pool of candidates in audience targeting to maximize your presence in the community to clients and potential employees.


3. Have Conversations. The ADP Research Institute data shows the majority of job seekers are dissatisfied with the amount of communication, quality of communication and lack of transparency when applying for positions. There’s an easy way to stand out: be responsive, consistent and efficient.

Monitor your company reputation on sites that encourage employee reviews such as Glassdoor, and respond to reviews, positive and negative, with customized replies. Being unafraid to enter the conversation and respond publicly to a negative review demonstrates transparency to job seekers.

Be present at community events such as job fairs and sponsorship opportunities to increase brand awareness and demonstrate community involvement, another priority for today’s job seeker.

Communication also saves time and money. A candidate who is under qualified for a current opening is more likely to apply again in the future after gaining experience if he or she receives a response from the company. If a job posting receives hundreds of applications, taking the time to reply to each one can be tedious. But even a generic rejection is considered less frustrating to job seekers than radio silence. Stay tuned to learn how to avoid hundreds of ill qualified applications in the next post in this series, Streamlining the Application Process.

With these 3 steps, you can work smarter by leveraging current marketing strategies and throwing your recruitment needs into the mix. Celebrating company culture creates a healthy demand within the workplace to preserve it.

However, first and foremost, you’ve got to have a workplace worth celebrating.

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