What better way to get the New Year started than by closing out the first month with record-breaking readership and engagement statistics on NOLA.com?

We surely can’t think of one!

NOLA Media Group is excited to announce that NOLA.com has achieved a groundbreaking new single-month record in the amount of page views received in the month of January 2015.

When you unleash the resources and innovation of the state’s largest media organization, the result is unparalleled coverage of news, sports, and entertainment in our region.

NOLA.com continues to be the leader for local news websites in the entire state of Louisiana.

Enough talk; the numbers tell the tale!

54.9 MILLION. That’s 54,900,000 page views in just the first month of 2015.

What’s more is that NOLA.com received 2,257,096 local unique visitors in the month of January. We are basing these statistics off of the 5,188 stories published, 8,900 photos posted, and 746 videos uploaded.

We would especially like to thank our community of engaged commenters that contributed to the 84,252 comments posted to NOLA.com content.

NOLA Media Group is so thankful to YOU – our readers, lookers, clickers, watchers, commenters, and engagers, and sharers – for making us New Orleans’ and Louisiana’s most read and engaged, local news website.

If the month of January is any indication of our momentum for 2015, then it’s shaping up to be quite a record-breaking year!

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