While many people would try to convince you that traditional marketing is dying and digital marketing is completely taking over, Your Audience Experts at NOLA Media Group know that’s far from the truth.

Traditional advertising vehicles —print ads, TV commercials and billboards—have delivered results for many years. But digital marketing is an increasingly popular, and in many cases, highly effective method of reaching consumers in an increasingly wired (and wireless) world.

Digital campaigns have definite advantages over traditional media. They are easy to track; we can tell you exactly how many people a digital campaign reached. They also may be more affordable.

But one size doesn’t fit all. A successful marketing campaign requires a healthy balance of traditional and digital media that best exploits the unique advantages that each approach offers.

Let’s say you’re a restaurant wanting to raise your profile. You can use a print ad (traditional) to create buzz for your new promotion: Free wings for a year! To enter the contest, customers have to like your Facebook page (digital) and fill out an online registration form (digital), agreeing to receive a weekly E-newsletter (digital). The print ad reaches a mass audience to make customers aware of the brand/promotion and drive them online. Digital ads collect behavioral and demographic information that allows you to begin cultivating a more personal relationship with the consumer. Your expanded social media following allows you to send your message through your customers’ personal news feeds, where they will see your updates—and hopefully engage with your posts.

Isn’t that your ultimate goal – to create a personal relationship with your customers and increase your business? Only a nuanced combination of traditional and digital marketing can truly make it happen.

The above example is just one of many scenarios in which a traditional marketing approach can play a huge role in building an ongoing relationship with the consumer by driving him or her to the company’s digital platform. Imagine if this campaign existed with only one medium or the other. You see the print ad, but must stop by the restaurant or send a registration form through the mail to enter the contest. Or you announce the promotion online only, and reach only the consumers who already follow you in the digital space, making it impossible to reach a mass audience via traditional media.

Digital marketing tactics are changing at warp speed, so we’re constantly keeping an eye on the future while utilizing the proven tools currently available to us. The most effective campaigns incorporate both traditional and digital elements in a sophisticated way that maximizes your chances of eliciting the desired response from the consumer. There’s no reason to debate which medium is “better,” because the most successful campaigns will incorporate both. And nobody understands traditional and new better than NOLA Media Group, a cutting-edge digital company with a 178-year tradition of delivering results to readers and advertisers.

Your Audience Experts at NOLA Media Group can help you plan a multi-media approach to utilize the best tools in the most effective ways to target more qualified customers to grow your business. Contact us today to discuss your next marketing campaign!